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About ACHE of Northern New England

A Message from our Board President:


As the new President of ACHE of Northern New England, I am very much looking forward to connecting members with the organization and working with our Board to deliver on our Chapter Mission to advance healthcare leadership in our region, for the good of the patients we serve.  Early Careerists, Student Affiliates, and Senior Executives alike, we can all learn from and benefit one another through mutual education, social networking, and the sharing of ideas.

Our membership base is made up of over 500 people from across the spectrum of the healthcare delivery continuum and represents all areas of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. My personal goal is to ensure that our members get the most value out of ACHE, regardless of where people are in their career curve.

Our Board met to review the Chapter Strategic Plan in January this year, to ensure we’re focusing our efforts and expanding our work to achieve this goal. We intend to provide more in the way of services to early careerists and students especially, as well as improve the “touchpoints” with the Chapter and National services available to our members, including expanding and improving our social networking opportunities and even this website.

Here in Northern New England, we’re accustomed to and benefit from a spirit of collaboration. Regardless of who’s employed by whom, when we come together as members, that spirit is palpable, because the intent is to improve the lives of the people we all work so hard to care for.  That’s what motivates me to do my very best for our membership.

If you’re new to ACHE, and/or new to Northern New England, I welcome you and applaud your dedication to advancing our industry. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything I can do to help make your experience with ACHE of Northern New England more valuable to you!


Michael D. Peterson, FACHE

Michael D. Peterson, FACHE

ACHE of Northern New England Board President

Androscoggin Valley Hospital
Berlin, NH

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